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Flex MSE vegetated retaining wall

Event organised by ICE

11 April 2023

This event has now ended

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Flex MSE is a vegetated retaining wall and slope stabilisation system that can be used as a direct replacement for gabion baskets, concrete blocks and masonry for a more environmentally friendly, longer lasting and less expensive alternative.

Product features include:

  • 120-year design life with a 75-year warranty
  • Approved for all HS2 waterways
  • Typically only requires a 300mm foundation
  • BBA HAPAS Approved
  • Installed by hand in less than 2/3 of the time compared to traditional systems
  • Typically costs up to 60% compared to traditional systems
  • “Recommended for use on SSSIs” by the Environment Agency
  • Anechoic
  • Low Carbon

Typical applications include:

  • Retaining walls
  • Riverbank/coastline erosion repairs
  • Landscaping features
  • Root ball stabilisation
  • Ditch lining & slope cladding
  • Culvert headwalls
  • Acoustic barriers


Rosie Birkett

Rosie Birkett

Gravitas International

head of sales

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Rosie Birkett

Rosie Birkett is Head of Sales at Gravitas International, a UK-based manufacturer and distributor, committed to lowering our global carbon footprint by inspiring both public and private sectors to invest in Green Infrastructure Technology. 

Rosie presents Flex MSE CPDs throughout the UK and Europe, demonstrating the system's versatility, ease of use and green credentials to audiences large and small.