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Flow and dispersion in urban areas: dealing with tall buildings and heterogeneity

Event organised by Wind Engineering Society

15 May 2024

This event has now ended


Flow and dispersion in urban areas have been studied for decades but it’s only recently that urban effects have started to appear in air quality and weather forecast modelling. However, most of the existing models assume a certain uniformity within a city, which is a crude simplification of reality.

The FUTURE (Fluid dynamics of Urban Tall-building clusters for Resilient built Environments) and ASSURE (Across-scale processes in urban environments) are dealing with some of the heterogeneities in urban areas, including tall buildings, aiming to find better representations of cities in flow and dispersion models.

This lecture will explore flow and dispersion in urban areas based on results from wind tunnel experiments and how recent studies are providing more insights into the impacts in urban areas. 

Organised by

The UK Wind Engineering Society

The UK Wind Engineering Society

The WES exists to promote the advancement and application of knowledge in all aspects of wind engineering.


17:30 - 18:00

Tea, coffee and biscuits upon arrival

18:00 - 19:30



Matteo Carpentieri

Matteo Carpentieri

University of Surrey

associate professor of environmental fluid mechanics

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Matteo Carpentieri

Matteo is the EnFlo facilities director at the University of Surrey, focusing on wind tunnel modelling of flow and dispersion of pollutants. The EnFlo (Environmental Flow) boundary layer wind tunnel is a unique facility in the UK and one of the few in the world specifically designed to study environmental problems and capable of reproducing non-neutral atmospheric flows. Matteo's recent work included studying the effect of stable and convective condition on pollutant dispersion in urban areas as well as studying the effects of non-uniform features in cities (e.g. tall building, change in roughness).