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Focus on Glasgow COP26 - Delivering Carbon Net Zero – a subcontractor perspective

Event organised by ICE

06 October 2021

This event has now ended


Confused about the whole carbon agenda and where you and your organisation fits into the big picture? Then this is the session for you. Join us to cut through the greenwash, help to identify what to look out for but also give an honest take on how the supply chain can manage up and down the value chain in our united action to tackle the carbon crisis.

Carbon is a core component of any corporate sustainability strategy.

This webinar charts Careys’ progress so far on its Net Zero journey, including honest insights about where to start, what the challenges are and how to turn holistic thinking into tangible actions for any organisation looking to make sense of this significant topic.

It also looks to identify areas of opportunity for any business and links together the carbon agenda with a wider business agenda. Whilst in tandem, looking to demystify the greenwash and jargon that can sometimes accompany all things carbon.

For more information please contact:

Lynn Dow