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Good practice for use of experimental and computational methods for wind pressure

Event organised by Wind Engineering Society

01 October 2020

This event has now ended


Andrew Allsop

The talk will briefly cover history and reasoning lying behind current wind tunnel testing methodology and wind standards, and an overview of how these were calibrated against practical experience of wind damage.  The talk will also discuss how current practice may vary around the world, within Europe, and between testing laboratories, and on-going research and wind code activity to improve procedures which are as relevant to CFD as to wind tunnel testing.

Prof Luca Bruno

The talk will briefly cover the history of computational simulation from research, to design practice and standards. The talk core will outline 10 golden rules for an accurate CWE simulation, and some tips to avoid design-threatening side effects. Finally, the talk will sketch a possible collaborative approach between wind tunnel tests and computational simulations, in the service of designer rather than a fruitless professorial catfight.

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Elira Alushi