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Gravitational energy storage – gravitricity’s 250kW demonstrator and beyond

Event organised by ICE

31 March 2022

This event has now ended

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Join ICE North Nottinghamshire, North Derbyshire (NNND) branch with a focus on the new technology that has been delivered with their 250Kw Demonstrator project.

The concept of lifting and dropping weight to store and release energy is simple in its principle, but could this provide much needed grid stability in the future?

Steven Kirk will give an insight into the future of this new Energy Storage technology, how Gravitricity is piloting more ways to build efficiency and make the most of unusual assets in the UK, Europe, South America and beyond.


Steven Kirk

Steven Kirk


Lead Mechanical Engineer

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Steven Kirk

Steven Kirk, Lead Mechanical Engineer at Gravitricity (Winner of the Best Innovation Prize at the Scottish Green Energy Awards) is a chartered mechanical engineer with 10+ years’ experience commissioning a variety of leading-edge mechanical systems and structures in the offshore, space, and construction industries.

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Daniel Stanyard