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ICE North Wales branch, GSAT group geospatial engineering in construction

Event organised by ICE

31 March 2022

This event has now ended


The talk will be a brief overview of the extensive role of the geospatial engineer in civil engineering, starting with topographic mapping and level and plan control networks. There will be a glimpse of the translation of GPS to a ‘flat earth’ design mapping of underground services and the use of GPR and CAT scanning in translating various types of design information supplied by the designer.

Other topics discussed will include:

  • Digital data and current trends in file formats including BIM.
  • Interpretation of the design for the daily activities of the project for setting out of earthworks, drainage and structures including the types of surveying instruments used.
  • The use of GPS machine control in the industry and preparation of digital models.
  • Calculation of material quantities especially earthworks volumes for excavation and fill with mass haul.
  • Monitoring for movement consequential to the construction works such as next to railway lines.
  • Above ground movement due to tunnelling works and the below ground movement which is essential in determining the geology and safety of the drive.
  • Monitoring earthworks volumes as the work proceeds which is needed for payment of sub-contractors.
  • Maintaining cut/fill balances as the material types are realised as well as the preparation of claims according to the contract.
  • As built records and checking compliance with the design.


Nigel Green

Nigel Green

NRG Surveys

founder and ceo

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Nigel Green

Nigel has worked in the construction industry for approaching fifty years. He trained as an engineer with Gallifords in the Midlands from 1974 to 1978. He worked in Nigeria on a 50km road project as project engineer and in Oman as a land surveyor, providing mapping support for infrastructure development.

He established NRG Surveys in 1984, and began writing software at this time to help with his activities. Nigel began selling the system commercially in 1989. NRG Surveys has continued to provide topographic mapping and technical support to the construction industry, particularly major projects throughout the UK and overseas. The software is continually developed and updated drawing on the needs and experiences of their own engineers and over 1000 users worldwide.

For more information please contact:

Eleanor Kelman