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Haldon Range Dam earthquake damage

Event organised by ICE

08 January 2019

This event has now ended

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The Haldon Range Dam, located in the district of Marlborough, New Zealand was a 250,000 cubic metre storage capacity, privately owned, recently constructed earth dam for irrigation water storage and supply purposes. The region is New Zealand's premier area for Sauvignon Blanc wine production, well liked in the UK and contributing 75% of the total NZ production.

The region borders the North and South Islands and geology that has created the favourable conditions for wine is also part of the Marlborough Fault System, a set of four large dextral strike-slip faults and other related structures, which transfer displacement (avg. 40mm/year) between the Alpine fault and the Kermadec Trench, which together form the boundary between the Indo-Australian and Pacific Plates.

The Haldon Range Dam was impacted and damaged by two major seismic events, first in July 2013 (0.2g, 6.5 Richter), then again in August 2013 (0.75g, 6.6 Richter). Craig was requested by the regional dam regulator and emergency civil defence authority to inspect the dam after each event and recommend actions, if necessary, to protect the village of Seddon located downstream.

Craig's recommendation post the August inspection was an immediate lowering of the reservoir water level to reduce the risk and impacts of a potential dam breach. The dam had no low level outlet to achieve the lowering and substantial works were required which took a week post event to complete.
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