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Hawick Flood Protection Scheme

Event organised by ICE

24 April 2024

This event has now ended


In recent years, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, through its Local Flood Risk Management Plan, identified Hawick as being at severe risk of further flood events in the future and put the town on its priority list for action to be taken to reduce the risk.

The £93 million Hawick Flood Protection in the Scottish Borders is nearing completion of its primary aim to protect over 900 business and residential properties from the effects of a 1 in 75 year flood event.  The project has, however, also delivered multiple benefits in the form of active travel routes, upgrading trunk road assets and improving the resilience of Scottish Water infrastructure.

The presentation will discuss the ways in which these multiple benefits were achieved, the challenges along the way to delivery and what lessons can be learned for similar future projects.


Steven Vint

Steven Vint


senior associate director of water & environment

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Steven Vint

Steven Vint is a senior associate director of water & environment with Jacobs and has 26 years experience in the design, consenting and construction of major flood protection schemes across Scotland, including White Cart in Glasgow, Broxburn in West Lothian and at Selkirk, Jedburgh and Hawick in the Scottish Borders.

He mentors a number of colleagues as they prepare for their CPR and is keen to ensure the experience gained (and in some cases painful lessons learned) in the development of these major construction projects is disseminated to those undertaking the civil, structural and environmental design of any major project.

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