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How asset management supports civil engineering in delivering benefits to society, SW

Event organised by ICE

26 January 2021

This event has now ended

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The Institute of Asset Management Conceptual Model (the 6-Box Model) was developed by AMCL and gifted to the Institute of Asset Management. This now forms the basis of industry thinking and best practice and describes the overall scope of asset management. It highlights that asset management is about the integration of activities, and is about getting all these activities right, not just a few areas in isolation.

Society relies on physical assets to function effectively. Ensuring the assets continue to provide services and products now and into the future, through efficient and effective management techniques, is a major part of asset management.

AMCL will provide an overview of asset management and introduce the Institute of Asset Management’s Conceptual Model.

The webinar will answer the following questions:

  • How do the fields of civil engineering and asset management relate with one another?
  • How can good practice asset management support civil engineering?
  • What benefits can be realised through the adoption of key asset management principles?

The webinar will be chaired by Gary Cutts, Senior Project Manager, Turner and Townsend & ICE Trustee Board member with Paul Burcombe and Will Hunt from AMCL appearing on the panel.

The event has been organised by the ICE South West Cheltenham & Gloucester City Club.

For more information please contact:

Barbara Sweet