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How permeable paving works as a SuDS solution

Event organised by ICE

23 February 2021

This event has now ended


As we seek more sustainable ways to develop our towns and cities, civil engineers are being challenged to work with nature to find greener solutions for urban drainage and flood management.

While exciting progress has been made with natural vegetation and green landscaping, there will always be the need for some hard surfacing to create successful communities.

This webinar will explore the innovative part that permeable paving can play in sustainable drainage solutions (SuDS).

The online session will explore how permeable paving can reduce the risk of flooding and pollution by allowing rainfall to infiltrate the ground naturally, reducing the pressure on already overloaded urban drainage systems.

Attendees will learn about all aspects of permeable paving including:

  • Design stages (concept, developed and technical design)
  • Construction
  • Common challenges
  • Maintenance and adoption
  • Appropriate sectors for permeable paving

There will also be an opportunity to ask questions and discuss ideas for the use of permeable paving in the South West region.

The webinar is hosted by the ICE South West Cheltenham & Gloucester City Club and presented by Adam Preece, Specification Manager, Tobermore. His organisation has developed the Hydropave permeable paving range and works with engineers and organisations to implement environmentally friendly solutions.

For more information please contact:

Barbara Sweet