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How to be an effective ally

Event organised by ICE

01 June 2023

This event has now ended

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This presentation explores the importance of allies and how individuals can make a positive difference through small changes, alongside introducing LGBTQ+ terminology to widen understanding and knowledge of the community including the day to day challenges that we still need to overcome.
Building Equality is an alliance of construction consultants, engineers, developers, contractors, and institutions who are passionate about working together and harnessing our collective power to drive LGBTQ+ inclusion in the construction industry. We have presence across the UK, with 40+ organisations from the industry regularly participating in joint initiatives to support LGBTQ+ inclusion. ​Our vision is to have a construction industry that is wholly welcoming, inclusive and supportive of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender + other related communities.


Rudhira Sambrey

Rudhira Sambrey

Arcadis UK

Landscape Consultant

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Rudhira Sambrey

I am a Landscape Consultant working at Arcadis UK for more than a year. Previously, I have represented the LGBTQIA+ community, as a landscape architecture student, where I was on a panel with professionals from the construction industry speaking about being queer in their respective professions.

I am also passionate about creating work environments safe for all people, regardless of social identifiers, and am involved in many initiatives celebrating diversity and inclusion within Arcadis. To me, safety also means ensuring people are taking care of their mental health, which can be helped by educating people on how to support marginalised groups, such as the LGBTQIA+ community.

Creating better allyship can lead to better environments – physical, mental, and emotional – and I want to help the people in my life strengthen their knowledge to support our community fruitfully.

Jay Small

Jay Small

National Highways

environmental specialist

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Jay Small

My name is Jay, I’m a trans man I’ve just started a job as an Environmental Specialist, though I’ve been with National Highways for a little over a year already. My interests include palaeontology, cosplay, and gaming, particularly The Legend of Zelda series! I’ve taken part in a small amount of activism work across the country, and I’m an outspoken advocate for trans colleagues in my workplace, and South East Regional Rep for National Highways’ LGBTQ+ network, Rainbow Roads.

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