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Human trafficking in the construction industry

Event organised by ICE

21 June 2018

This event has now ended

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In anticipation of the passing of the Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Scotland) Act 2016, Wendy Henderson worked with Edinburgh's Child and Adult Protection Committees to promote the city's Human Trafficking and Exploitation Multi Agency Protocol and began to deliver a series of human trafficking and exploitation awareness sessions in 2015.

To avoid duplication of effort and to ensure that key organisations worked together across the city, a multi-agency working group was established in 2016 and endorsed as a formal sub group of the Edinburgh's Public Protection Committees, reporting to the Chief Officers' Group for Public Protection.

In coordinating the work of the sub group Wendy has placed Edinburgh in a position of strength to develop policy and practice locally to respond to and exceed the expectations of the national strategy which was laid before Parliament in May 2017.

Wendy has ensured that the focus of the sub group, since its formation, has been on increasing the identification, protection and support of victims and the identification and disruption of perpetrators.

Additionally, Wendy leads locally and nationally in the advancement of raising awareness in relation to a number of Scottish Government work streams. Her approach has been recognised nationally as best practice across the sectors with a number of external organisations e.g. See Me in Work (supporting disability in the workplace), Scottish Government (Eradicating Hate Crime and Sectarian behaviours) and CoSLA (Embedding a Human Rights Culture) inviting Wendy to work in partnership with them.