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Caring for our community: the ICE Benevolent Fund and MENA members

Event organised by Benevolent Fund

07 September 2023

This event has now ended

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Join us for an enlightening event that showcases the contributions of the ICE Benevolent Fund, a respected charity dedicated to serving ICE members and their families for over 150 years. With an impressive track record of assisting more than 42,000 individuals since its inception, the ICE Benevolent Fund has been a pillar of support within the engineering community.

This online event will explore the ways how ICE Benevolent Fund can support ICE international members. The webinar highlights are:

  • Inclusive reach: explore the breadth of the Fund's accessibility. Delve into how all current ICE members, regardless of grade, can avail themselves of its benefits. Moreover, the Fund extends its reach to encompass the families of ICE members, thereby fostering a holistic approach to well-being.
  • Beyond membership: recognize how the ICE Benevolent Fund's reach isn't confined to just current members. If you're a past member with over 5 years of ICE membership, this event will highlight your eligibility to access the support network of the Fund.
  • Diverse support services: immerse yourself in the array of services offered by the Fund. From vital career support to providing international financial assistance to extending counseling and well-being support, the ICE Benevolent Fund addresses a spectrum of needs.
  • Online wellbeing resources: embrace the modern era of support with the Fund's online wellbeing resources. Discover how these digital tools enable ICE members and their families to swiftly access up-to-date knowledge and vital support, all at their convenience.


Fiona Jennings

Fiona Jennings

ICE Benevolent Fund

Partnership Executive

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Fiona Jennings

The event speaker is Fiona Jennings, serving as the benevolent partnership executive within the ICE Benevolent Fund. In this role, her responsibilities encompass the management of affiliations with external entities and the cultivation of both national and international visibility among the organization's members.

Moreover, she contributes to the administration of select member services and took ownership of spearheading the creation of the new animated video. Her strong commitment lies in ensuring that an extensive number of ICE members and their families become informed about the array of exceptional services provided by the fund and the support it can extend.

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