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ICE Europe: investing like an Engineer part-2

Event organised by ICE

24 February 2023

This event has now ended

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There used to be a time where people would get a job and pretty much had to work till just before they went gently into that good night. Fortunately, hard earned social reforms across much of the developed world led to the establishment of various social security nets. These allowed people to cope with temporary setbacks such as unemployment, allowed them the financial breathing space to recover from an illness or accident before returning to work or have a retirement with well-earned leisure time, etc.

Presently there appears to be a trend to have people take on more responsibility for this themselves and save a bigger portion for such eventualities themselves. With governments becoming more hands-off this is a trend that is likely to continue. Obviously to be an investor yourself you must take on the responsibility that comes with it and to do this as effectively as possible it is important to not only save but also to invest the saved money and put it to work for you. There is today a veritable plethora of banking & investment institutions out there that tend to bombard the wider public with a never-ending flow of investment opportunities. But how helpful is this? How does one get started?

This 2-part lunch time event - based on personal research and experience of the speaker - will provide insights in what can form a solid basis for understanding investments and achieving success with them using basic engineering calculus. So, invest your time in joining us at this event and find out more about what Albert Einstein called the eighth wonder of the world. Apart from attending an enjoyable event you may find it to be a profitable one.


For more information please contact:

Tom Compton