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ICE Malaysia Webinar: State of the art post-tensioning technology featuring enhanced durability

Event organised by ICE

19 May 2021

This event has now ended


The Webinar focuses on state-of-the-art post tensioning technology featuring enhanced durability. Since the introduction of post tensioning technology in the 1960’, the basic principle of post tensioning has remained unchanged, at the same time there has been significant evolution on the hardware (post tensioning systems), which the industry is using. With increased design life of bridges and a tendency of owners to consider more and more full life cycle cost, durability of post tensioning system is more than ever a key factor.

The 1st part of the webinar gives a general overview on durability of post-tensioned concrete bridges, on the evolution of PT technology over time and on corrosion scenarios and associated mitigation measures. The 2nd part features specific PT system developments for enhanced durability. Finally, the 3rd part will give a brief overview on inspection methods and maintenance.

For more information please contact:

Theban Arumugam