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ICE Malaysia Thursday Lecture Series: Student to Graduate, workshop 2

Event organised by ICE

12 August 2021

This event has now ended


If you are a committed civil engineering student, or just starting out in industry then ICE wants to help you through your studies and beyond. Joining ICE as a student member and later converting to a graduate member helps you to build your future in civil engineering with ICE supporting you along the way.

After so much hard work during college, you are ready to start your first engineering job. Congratulations! This is an exciting time, but there are a lot of new things coming at you all at once which can be daunting.

Here are some basics (various disciplines) for starting your career on the right foot. You may already know some of these, but they can be a good reminder and also as a guide for improvement – Thursday Lecture Series will focus on exactly that.

Workshop 2: Basics of Geotechnics

Workshop will explore the role of Geotechnical Engineer in the overall field of civil engineering and explain the many different careers available to engineers in this interesting discipline. Speaker will explain his own career path within this field and highlight some of the things learned on his journey, what he believes makes a good Geotechnical Engineer and what traits a potential employer might be seeking in a potential Graduate recruit.

Workshop 3: Sructural Engineering

Join us for a workshop that focuses on the aspects of working as a fresh graduate for a Civil and Structural Engineering consultancy in the Infrastructure sector. This workshop will cover some of the questions fresh grads may have such as: the first design task, how to prepare well, which Structural Engineering knowledge is useful, and what digital skills are needed to start.

Workshop 4: Bridge Engineering

Workshop will cover basics of bridge engineering – an eye opener. The aim is to introduce a bridge, purpose, types, aesthetics in bridge design, factors deciding bridge types, components of a bridge and role of a bridge engineer. Will explore the bridge as a key element in the transportation system.

Workshop 5: Project Management in Practice

This lecture provides an overview of project management in practice, from a consulting engineer’s perspective. It covers project management through the project life cycle, which includes project scoping, planning, implementation, monitoring and control as well as project closure. Examples will be given, together with project management tools.

For more information please contact:

Theban Arumugam