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ICE Strategy Session: Asset management in the age of climate change

Event organised by ICE

15 December 2020

This event has now ended


Climate change and advances in technology are both developing rapidly. Join our panel discission about why we need to change asset management.

Following major weather-related disasters, such as the recent derailment at Stonehaven, our panel will discuss the wider issues of asset management. The discussion will explore and set out specific steps asset owners could, and should, be taking to better prepare for the increasing threats from climate change.

This is an opportunity for engineers to be thinking, questioning and recommending steps how all those involved in infrastructure can collectively manage and prioritise finite resources to ensure the continued safe and effective operation of existing infrastructure. Safe asset management requires many enquiring eyes to avert disasters.

A broad spectrum of panellists representing asset owners, structural safety experts and digital transformation specialists will debate the key issues involved in running our ageing infrastructure in a changing climate. Jenny Cooke from Network Rail will talk about embedding systems thinking to manage emerging risks; Safety body SCOSS chair Bill Hewlett will highlight the importance of voluntary confidential reporting for engineering safety; And technology provider SenSat founder and CEO James Dean will explore how capturing and using data in asset construction leads to longer and safer operation.

The event panel will discuss key areas of interest for current asset managers and owners including: whether monitoring regimes are adequate in dealing with climate-change related extreme weather events; the extent to which periodic drone scanning of earthworks and structures along with digital twinning can define mitigation measures and action trigger points; the potential for asset owners to reset risk adjust business cases; budgets and insurance policies to better prepare for climate-related unforeseen events.

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