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ICE Strategy Sessions: Project 13 – turning theory into a reality

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09 June 2020

This event has now ended


Led by the Infrastructure Client Group and supported by the ICE, the industry-wide change programme Project 13 is intended to improve outcomes for the public and infrastructure customers, deliver a more highly skilled, innovative workforce and create a more sustainable, productive construction industry.

The collaborative enterprise business model officially moved into its “implementation phase” in May 2018. At its heart, Project 13 advocates delivering projects through enterprises and aligning all involved around a set of agreed outcomes that they work collaboratively towards achieving. It is based on examples of best practice from across the industry, brought together in one model. It sounds obvious and simple – so what, if anything, is holding it back?

Two years on from this launch, this session will explore the progress made so far and the hurdles yet to be overcome in making Project 13 the defacto approach for delivery of large-scale infrastructure projects.

This session will hear from Early Adopters both from the UK and from overseas who will give their account of what they hope to gain by adopting the Project 13 Principles and explain the kind of behaviours they would want to see from civil engineers working within the Project 13 environment.

The session will first hear from Chair of Project 13, Infrastructure Client Group chair Dale Evans, who will recap on exactly what Project 13 is and what problems it is trying to solve. Evans will start from an assumed position of no knowledge – so this session will bring anyone quickly up to speed.

The session will then hear from Network Rail delivery director| Northern Programme Ian Quick. Network Rail has made great strides in collaborative project delivery in recent years, embracing alliances to deliver major programmes ahead of time and under budget. The Transpennine Route Upgrade (TRU) are an Early Adopter of the Project 13 Principles and Quick will explain what he hopes Project 13 is bringing to his programme. He will also outline the kind of Project 13 mindset required from his partners and suppliers to help him achieve that.

The session will then hear a global perspective from another Early Adopter of Project 13 - Sydney Water. Sydney Water will be using the Principles of Project 13 for its Partnering for Success (P4S) programme. By establishing long-term partnerships, Sydney Water is looking to not just change the way it procures services, but to transform the way that it does business.

Finally, the session will hear from Lil Wade, People and Leadership Development Manager at Jacobs, working within Anglian Water’s Strategic Pipeline Alliance, delivering Anglian’s £500M-plus strategic water grid programme. Wade has previously been part of Anglian Water’s @one Alliance, a collaborative, virtual joint venture formed to deliver the large part of the Anglian Water AMP4, AMP5 and AMP6 capital investment programmes, and will explain what it is like to work in an enterprise environment – highlighting the specific skills and behaviours that are needed for alliances and enterprises to succeed.

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