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ICOLD Technical Committee Updates

Event organised by The British Dam Society

11 July 2022

This event has now ended


The UK is an active member of the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD), contributing to the development of bulletins via the various ICOLD Technical Committees. This evening event will consist of a series of short presentations from the UK representatives of these technical committees. These talks will provide updates on recent developments with a brief overview of any new or emerging ICOLD bulletins.


Presenter Topic
David Littlemore Recent changes to the ICOLD Board
Current technical committee vacancies
Future ICOLD events
Viktor Pavlov Costain Committee C: Hydraulics for Dams
Introduction to Bulletin 176 (‘Blockage of reservoir outlets by floating debris’) and updates on a new bulletin on the structural design of spillway chutes.
Jonathan Simm HR Wallingford Adrian Rushworth Environment Agency Committee LE: Levees
Overview of draft bulletins on ‘Levees around the world’ and ‘Comparison of dams and levees’.
Andrew Pepper Independent Committee O: World Register on Dams
Update on the register and recent developments
Ian Hope Severn Trent Committee Q: Dam SurveillanceUpdate on latest committee activities and testing by Vattenfall / Lulea University of a new dam in Sweden.
Alan Warren Mott MacDonald Committee S: Flood Evaluation & Dam Safety
Update on three bulletins at varying stages of development.
Kyle McLean Mott MacDonald Committee ZX2: Young Engineers
Update on current initiatives and recent activities.


Viktor Pavlov

Viktor Pavlov

Costain Group

Principal Civil Structural Engineer

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Viktor Pavlov

Viktor Pavlov is a Principal Civil/Structural Engineer at Costain Group Limited.

After graduating as a civil engineer with specialization in hydropower and dams, he worked on a number of embankment dam and small hydropower projects in Algeria and Bulgaria. He also spent two years at the Laboratory of Hydraulic Constructions at EPFL, Switzerland, where he obtained an MSc degree in Energy Systems.

Viktor has been involved in the design of several impounding reservoir spillways and flood risk management schemes in the UK. He has been serving as a UK representative on the ICOLD Technical Committee on Hydraulics for Dams since 2018.

Viktor is the author of several water industry publications including a recently published paper on ‘Flow-induced vibration effects on reservoir spillways’ and a ‘Spillway design guide’ commissioned by the Environment Agency of England.

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