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Intelligent transportation systems in modern highways

Event organised by ICE

24 April 2024

This event has now ended


The future of the highways industry will rely heavily on maximising efficiencies and existing infrastructure capacity, which means making use of and upgrading roadside technologies. Underpinning this scenario is the application of technical principles behind the calibration and validation of traffic and travel demand forecasting models which use technology data, collected daily as an input source. Knowledge of these technologies will be pivotal for civil engineers to make better informed and strategic decisions.

This webinar, hosted by the ICE Bristol City Club, will look at the use of intelligent transportation systems today and offer a snapshot of how they might be used in the future. It is an opportunity to improve awareness on topics such roadside technology and data. 

Dr Vivi Michalaki, head of intelligent transport systems and mobility at National Highways, will present the session, discussing the role of intelligent transportation systems in managing current infrastructure and its impact on traffic, congestion, and safety. 

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Dr Paraskevi (Vivi) Michalaki

Dr Paraskevi (Vivi) Michalaki

national highways

head of intelligent transport systems and mobility

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Dr Paraskevi (Vivi) Michalaki

Dr Vivi Michalaki's work at National Highways revolves around the research and implementation of new technologies and solutions to enhance road operations and improve mobility services. This includes application and optimisation of future proof roadside technology to improve safety and customer experience, development of intelligent mobility solutions and motorways and trunk roads integration with the wider transport network. Vivi’s strong passion and connection with academia led her to promote research and innovation, as well as inspiring young students through STEM activities to follow an engineering career path. She held a position as research engineer at Balfour Beatty, completing an engineering doctorate in transport at Loughborough University.