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Latest Extended Reach Drilling Innovations

Event organised by Offshore Engineering Society

01 May 2019

This event has now ended

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Hear about the latest drilling innovations, which are:

  • Delaying field abandonment through accessing previously uneconomic reserves
  • Increasing asset drainage to 15 km with Extended Reach Drilling
  • Reducing development drilling risk & cost
  • Applicable to ANY standard directional well

The talk will discuss how the latest innovations in offshore drilling are increasing production rates and ultimate recoverable reserves for both new developments and brown field redevelopment areas. These technologies are reducing drilling costs onshore US shale and deferring abandonment of offshore assets by extending field life through exploiting previously uneconomic reserves.

The ability to exploit a nearby hydrocarbon accumulation to existing infrastructure provides production opportunities to fast-track production in conjunction with delaying abandonment liabilities. If the hydrocarbon is not exploited before the platform/template is abandoned, then these reserves may be lost forever to the operator, nation and treasury (tax payer).

  • Latest technological innovations & industry ERD achievements
  • Assessing whether near infrastructure reserves are within reach
  • How to increase the reach of existing rigs, without upgrade
  • Common pitfalls that have led to avoidable drilling failures
  • The gains that these latest advanced drilling technologies are unlocking on conventional directional drilling projects

For more information please contact:

Sach Sandhu