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Lessons learned from geotechnical challenges in Celtic soils and rocks, Leeds

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16 January 2018

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There has been a lot of construction activity in Ireland recent years, particularly during the economic boom years before 2008. This activity has involved, for example, the construction of new motorways, tunnels, houses and wind farms. These were constructed in various types of ground and all involved different geotechnical challenges and some failures from which various lessons were learned and as a result of which changes have been implemented to design and construction practices in Ireland.

This presentation will examine some of the recent major projects in Celtic soils and rocks and the lessons learned from them. The lessons learned include a greater understanding of the nature and properties of boulder clay, the strength of peat and its susceptibility to sliding failure, the consequences and significance of pyrite in fill material, and the need to minimise the impact of infrastructure projects on communities as well as on the environment. The presentation will also examine how geotechnical investigations are carried out in Ireland and how Eurocode 7 has affected geotechnical design.


Professor Trevor Orr BA BAI MSc PhD CEng FICE FIEI

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