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Low intermediate and high pressure compressed air work

Event organised by The British Tunnelling Society

21 October 2021

This event has now ended


A revision of the BTS “Guide to the Work in Compressed Air Regulations” has been released; now called “Guidance on good practice for Work in Compressed Air”.

The Guide represents a revision and update of the 2012 edition and has been extended to provide guidance on integrating high pressure compressed air work into the UK regulatory framework. It complements BS 6164 and ITA/BTS CAWG Report 10, 2nd rev, but is readily applicable to work in compressed air anywhere. It also contains interim technical guidance on airlock safety, until the current revision of EN 12110 is harmonised.  

This lecture will explore the phenomenon of saturation and specifically address some of the important differences between saturation exposure techniques as used in tunnelling compared with saturation exposure techniques in diving. It will also seek to explain the BTS CAWG opinion that ~3.5 bar(g) is an appropriate pressure at which to move to mixed gas breathing during construction, which exploit the differing hydro-geological characteristics of the Lower Aquifer strata, often involving a combination of partial cut-offs and pumping using both surface dewatering systems and in shaft/tunnel techniques.

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Elira Alushi