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Lunch and Learn: Is anyone watching the quality?

Event organised by ICE

25 October 2018

This event has now ended

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This hard-hitting webinar, co-hosted by ICE NI and Lean Construction Ireland, presentation will focus on the findings of two Independent Inquiries of industry-wide significance which were established to address major issues of building quality discovered in a range of recently constructed public buildings in Scotland.

The first of these, the ‘Independent Inquiry into the Construction of Edinburgh Schools’ published in February 2017, was established after the collapse of a wall at Oxgangs Primary School in Edinburgh and the subsequent enforced closure of a further 16 Edinburgh schools requiring the immediate relocation of over 8,000 pupils.

Whilst the collapse of the wall was the starting point, the Report of the Inquiry concluded that the quality problems leading to the failure of the wall were much wider, were repeated in projects across Scotland and were unlikely to be limited to Scotland.

The second Inquiry, published in April 2018, addressed widespread problems in the construction of a major Leisure and Events Centre built for the Dumfries and Galloway Council which required it to be closed after only six years of operation and virtually rebuilt.

The presentation will be delivered by NI architect Professor John Cole who chaired both these Inquiries and wrote the reports of the Inquiries.

These reports have led to much wider investigations into the quality and safety of recent buildings in Scotland and further afield, and to the Scottish Government initiating a cross-sectoral review of how public-sector construction projects are managed, procured, designed and constructed in Scotland.

John will explain how the reports’ findings have identified current trends and practices in the regulation, the structural organisation, procurement, design, management, supervision and inspection of construction projects that are impacting on the quality and safety of buildings being delivered by the construction industry. He will also discuss his recommendations on how to address these issues.


Lean Construction Ireland

Lean Construction Ireland

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