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Lunch and Learn: Understanding risk - An engineer's guide

Event organised by ICE

07 June 2018

This event has now ended

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Join industry leaders in risk management to update your understanding. David Hirst and Belinda Oldfield will explore the differing interpretations of risk which create ambiguity and misunderstanding. Improved understanding of current thinking about risk is critical for engineers and this online event provides a powerful methodology and invaluable toolkit which helps ensure effective risk management.

This webinar explores how different interpretations impact the work of civil engineers and how recent crises and disasters have driven legislation that shapes the commercial, legal and social environment in which we operate.

Learn how to categorise, quantify, analyse and mitigate different types of risk and discover how understanding risk and defining uncertainty helps develop a more effective prioritisation and decision-making framework.

This session will help you understand the critical importance of a thorough assessment of risk to consider how (apparently) un-related risks could be correlated. Crises and disasters can often be traced back to a combination of human actions (or inactions) systems failing and external circumstances.

Engineers can apply their training and experience through the tools, techniques and systems offered by risk management to more effectively manage risk in the environment.

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Lynn Dow