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Mediation and the construction industry: Covid-19 and post-Brexit

Event organised by ICE

21 January 2021

This event has now ended

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The pandemic, unfortunately, has not left the construction world untouched. Conflicts that previously lurked beneath the surface between construction parties are worsened by the pandemic and its economic aftermath. Additionally, clients, contractors, architects or engineers are confronted with additional challenges on site. It is therefore not surprising that some parties in the construction sector are working behind closed doors on drawing up various claims. All too often, this then results in starting legal proceedings.

The current judicial backlog across Europe and the legal uncertainty stemming from Covid-19-related case law requires a different approach. On top of that, for those with UK-ties, comes the reality of Brexit after 31 December 2020, when the EU/UK transition period comes to an end.

This event will provide insights as to why mediation now, more than ever, offers the most suitable alternative path that can be taken to achieve a quick and sustainable conflict resolution in construction matters. It will also turn its attention to Facilitated Contract (Re)Negotiation. It will do this looking both at times of Covid-19 and into the future within a European context that takes full cognisance of the Brexit reality.

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Tom Compton