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NEC4 webinar: enhance trust and collaboration through effective assurance

Event organised by ICE

06 December 2017

This event has now ended

You can catch-up on details or any broadcast and downloads here.


The purpose of this session is to show how NEC4 seeks to enhance trust and collaboration and how this intention can be supported and enhanced by effective assurance.

The session covers:

  • General ideas of how to build and undermine trust
  • Relating these ideas to our experience of where NEC Contracts do and don't achieve collaboration
  • Looking at aspects of NEC4 to consider how it seeks to build trust and collaboration with reference to:
    • Changes to 10.1
    • Deemed acceptance of defined costs
    • Deemed acceptance of final assessments of costs
    • Deemed Acceptance of Programme
    • Contractor's proposals
    • Early warnings
    • Alliance contracts
  • An explanation of assurance using examples from outside construction
  • How effective assurance can support and enhance trust in line with NEC4 with reference to the areas noted above

For more information please contact:

Silvana Andrade