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Net Zero NW: the strategy plus hydrogen's role

Event organised by ICE

20 April 2023

This event has now ended

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The discussion, followed by Q&A, will be split into two parts:

Net Zero North West is an industry-led cluster acting as a public and private sector investment accelerator for industrial decarbonisation and clean growth projects in the North West.

Ged Barlow, chief executive officer at Net Zero North West, will outline their recently published North West Cluster Plan.

This roadmap is the first regional cluster plan to be published, providing a blueprint for the rest of the UK, demonstrating a £30bn pipeline of live investable projects with the opportunity for £207bn to be invested in the region overall.

In part two, we’ll hear from John Egan, project director for HyNet, the UK’s leading industrial decarbonisation project, utilising hydrogen as a key part of the effort to achieve net-zero.

HyNet is made up of several different elements which, collectively, will provide the infrastructure to produce, transport and store low carbon hydrogen across the North West and North Wales. 

There will also be the infrastructure to capture, transport and lock-away carbon dioxide emissions from industry, including the use of underground pipelines, hydrogen production plants and storage facilities.


Ged Barlow

Ged Barlow

Net Zero North West

chief executive officer

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Ged Barlow

Ged has 25 years' experience as Chairman and CEO with UK and international experience in management of innovation, research and technology transfer businesses.

Expert knowledge of new technology developments from R&D to product launch, in a variety of different market sectors, with particular expertise in chemical, energy, food and environmental industries.