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Nile Basin

Event organised by The Irrigation and Water Forum

09 November 2018

This event has now ended

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The Nile River, with its estimated length of over 6,800 km the world’s longest river, covers an area of around 3 million km2. The Nile flows through ten countries, four of which are already water scarce. The Nile basin is currently home to approximately 160 million people, but it is estimated that in 25 years, the population in the basin will be 600 million.

Adding to the potential water stress, many large dams for hydropower and irrigation are being built or considered in countries upstream with consequences for countries downstream that are highly dependent on the Nile for their water supply. These competing demands, combined with the potential impacts of climate change leading to changes in timing and availability of water and sea level rise, could send the region’s water resources into crisis.

This meeting explores the threats, challenges and opportunities facing the management of this major transboundary basin. We will hear from a range of experts working at a national and multi-country level on the current state of the basin, its future development and the crucial need for cooperation among the riparian states.

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Sach Sandu