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Offshore Wind and Natural Catastrophe Risk: An Insurance Perspective

Event organised by Offshore Engineering Society

29 July 2020

This event has now ended

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Even the most casual observer could hardly fail to notice the astonishing rate of development of offshore wind.

Further, deeper, more powerful; words that seem to capture the very essence of these developments. But, whilst we take collective pride in our achievements, have we really learned the lessons along the way? And what can this tell us about what’s yet to come?

From the first tentative steps offshore to the far-shore developments planned today, the focus of activity has been almost entirely in Europe, a benign location in terms of natural catastrophe risk.

So, what of newly emerging markets such as China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, United States?

Can the industry merely transfer its know-how to other regions of the globe and expect it all to be plain sailing?

This presentation will look at where the industry is now, where it is heading and what we can expect in terms of natural catastrophe risks, losses and insurance premiums.

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Elira Alushi