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Pooley Bridge replacement bridge project

Event organised by ICE

11 September 2020

This event has now ended

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Lower maintenance costs during the life of a bridge, as well as architectural qualities, mean that stainless steel is seen as an increasingly interesting choice of material.

Interest in the use of stainless steel types in bridge construction has increased markedly in recent years. Life cycle analysis and experiences from built bridges show that the higher material costs that stainless steel entails can in many cases be earned through lower maintenance costs during the life of the bridge. Stainless steel in bridge applications has also proved to be interesting from an architectural point of view.

The UK’s first stainless steel road traffic bridge, Pooley Bridge, was installed on site in Cumbria on 7 May 2020, in a single lifting operation that was completed in 3 hours. The bridge replaced a 250-year-old stone arch bridge that was washed away in a flood in 2015. But when do you choose stainless steel for bridges? How has this choice been justified in various bridge projects and what does it mean for the client, architect and bridge designer?

In this webinar, you will hear from the team behind the UK’s first stainless steel road bridge and follow the journey from early procurement to finished bridge on site.

For more information please contact:

Lauren Moczulski