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Post Covid - The new world: How the pandemic has affected behaviour

Event organised by ICE

14 April 2021

This event has now ended


This webinar is an exploration into how the Covid pandemic has influenced human behaviour and how this can be used as a positive change in society.

There are measurable improvements in the air quality and nature, people have the new gift of time for cycling, walking and family.

Many people are reviewing what work-life balance they want to achieve and where they want to live. We need to embrace this change and help people continue to choose these more active modes of transport for both leisure and if/when they need to return to commuting. One may provide a faster route while the other a more peaceful route but both bring additional complexities.

There are many things to consider such as integration with other modes of transport, segregation, security and safety.

This online event is run jointly by ICE Wales and ICE North West.


Kathy Wilson-Ellis

Kathy Wilson-Ellis


human factors associate and deputy regional lead

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Kathy Wilson-Ellis

Kathy has over 16 years’ experience working for Greater Manchester Police running their Intelligence Unit and over 12 years working for National Highways– ranging from analysing regional and then national incidents on the SRN, to a senior programme manager in the strategic road safety team, before joining WSP to lead on their Human Factors Capability.

Throughout Kathy’s career Human Factors has been a golden thread, this relates to factors such as environmental, organisational, human health and characteristics that influence behaviours. This is the key to ensuring successful problem solving by providing intelligence insight into the root cause that can then be used to ensure the changes needed are successfully delivered.

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