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Preparing London for change: Lecture 2 - Natural threats, London

Event organised by ICE

15 May 2017

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How can we ensure London is ready for climate change?

More extreme weather is on its way due to climate change. Droughts, flooding and heatwaves will all become increasingly likely as the UK's seasons become more extreme.

How can London prepare for these worst case scenarios? And what does a city predicted to have 11 million people by 2050 need to do to avoid these situations?

This lecture, the second in the Preparing London for Change series, will seek to answer these questions through a number of fascinating presentations from:

Dave Wardle, Chair, ICE London & South East England Water Panel

Alex Nickson, Water Resources and Growth Lead, Thames Water
Speaking on the threat from drought.

Samina Khan, Programme Director, River Thames Scheme (Datchet to Teddington)
Speaking on the threat from flooding

Vincent J Dardis, Senior Operating Officer, TfL
Speaking on the threat from heatwaves

Cassie Sutherland, Environment Programme Manager, GLA
Speaking on London's response to climate change

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This lecture is supported by London Resilience, the body tasked with coordinating institutions and communities to prevent, handle, recover and learn from disruption, and adapt to change; on behalf of the Mayor of London, Greater London Authority, Local Authorities and London Fire Brigade to ensure London survives and prospers.

London Resilience


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