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President’s Visit to North Wales – Roundtable discussion on transport in Wales

Event organised by ICE

07 October 2021
13:45 - 15:00 BST (GMT+1)

This event has now ended

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A debate on transport in Wales with Rachel Skinner, ICE President, as part of her virtual visit to North Wales.

This is an event as part of ICE President Rachel Skinner’s virtual visit to North Wales. Join us in a roundtable discussion on transport in Wales (in line with the target of net zero carbon by 2050 and prioritising renewable energy by the Welsh Government).

John Mather will set the scene in Wales and give an overview of the current issues and priorities for transport in Wales. He will cover how it fits into current overall legislation e.g. the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act, Active Travel (Wales) Act and Climate Change legislation.

This will be followed by a presentation on decarbonisation of transport by Robin Beckmann, Head of Transport Environment and Climate Change, Welsh Government, on the issues, challenges around transport emissions and some solutions to reducing and decarbonising the sector.

A presentation from Ruth Wojtan, North Wales Metro Programme Manager will explain what Transport for Wales (TfW) are planning and implementing.

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