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Priming the industry: an innovation in earthworks monitoring

Event organised by ICE

26 November 2018

This event has now ended

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PRIME is a low-cost low-power geophysical ground monitoring system. It combines emerging Electrical Resistivity Tomography technology with remote data acquisition and web-based visualisation. This delivers a new generation of volumetric imaging technology capable of 'seeing inside' the ground to monitor changes in resistivity and infer ground water content.

The development of PRIME was driven by the increasing rate and severity of infrastructure earthwork failures in the UK. This led geotechnical asset owners to recognise that remote monitoring technologies can reduce costs and risks by providing near-real-time internal condition information, early warnings of failure, and ground motion detection, suitable for use in a diverse range of industries.

The technology can be retrofitted to existing structures and sites, or installed during construction of new assets. The system comprises simple to install, minimally invasive lines or grids of electrodes, cabled to the PRIME instrument from where the data is processed and transmitted for online data visualisation.

PRIME offers proactive management of earthwork assets by delivering 2D and 3D subsurface imaging, which provide superior spatial coverage to single-point borehole data. Furthermore it can be installed at a reduced cost and disruption to more intrusive ground water monitoring techniques.

Although the focus of PRIME has been on applications in the infrastructure earthworks (transportation, flood defence, dams), it is equally applicable to monitoring subsurface changes in a range of other sectors, e.g. leakage in water utility pipelines, pollution monitoring in brownfield/contaminated land, earthing issues in power sub-stations.

Brought to you by The British Geological Survey and ITM Monitoring, a SOCOTEC Company.

If you attend this event you will:

  • Discover a new and innovative technology for monitoring the internal condition of geotechnical assets
  • Understand how the PRIME system can provide cost and risk benefits to the management of major assets
  • Share your views on how this technology might benefit your engineering discipline
  • Discuss your engineering challenges with industry experts

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