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Renewable Energy in Wales

Event organised by ICE

15 October 2020

This event has now ended

You can catch-up on details or any broadcast and downloads here.


A round table discussion on renewable energy in Wales (in line with the target of net zero carbon by 2050 and prioritising renewable energy by the Welsh Government.)

Wales has an excellent if not unique potential for energy supplies. It is ideally placed to be an Energy hub for the UK and particularly for clean energy production. It is important to ensure that there are sufficient energy supplies to meet current and predicted demands.

Energy security is one of the most important issues. Wales (and the UK) needs to move away from the fossil fuels, both the Welsh Government and the UK Government have strong targets to meet; not just for energy production but as part of overall Towards Zero- Carbon targets. Wales has the potential to generate a range of different (sustainable) forms of energy.

The debate will include discussions on some of the main forms of renewable energy (and challenges) and a debate on the full range.

For more information please contact:

Felicity White