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Restoration of Templemore Baths: investing in a community

Event organised by ICE

04 March 2024

This event has now ended


Step back in time and witness the resurrection of Templemore Baths, a cherished Grade B+ listed landmark building with a tale steeped in regional, architectural, cultural, social, and historic significance. Constructed in 1891 and extended in 1929 to combat a national cholera pandemic, it stands today as the only surviving victorian baths on the island of Ireland.

In the wake of closure in 1983, the community rallied to save this architectural gem from impending demolition. The collaborative efforts of Templemore Users Trust, Belfast City Council, the design team (including Aecom, Mc Adam Design, Consarc and Tetra Tech) and the Heritage Lottery Fund led to a groundbreaking restoration and expansion project, with Heron Bros. appointed in 2020 to bring new life into its timeworn walls.

Embarking on a journey of rediscovery, a meticulous room-by-room survey unearthed a tapestry of challenges: dry rot, wet rot, structural failure, and more. Undeterred, the team leveraged digital technologies like BIM, Matterport, Procore, My Heron App and Sustain IQ and salvaged 80% of the original material, restoring sash windows, and sourcing 20,000 salvaged bricks to meticulously reconstruct this historic marvel.

Beyond preservation, their commitment to skills development saw the establishment of an on-site academy for restoration training. In the face of challenges such as the Covid pandemic, Suez crisis, and events in Ukraine, the team persevered, delivering apprenticeships, training sessions, and inspiring new talent. The transformation isn't just architectural; it's a testament to a community's resilience, preserving the past while creating a vibrant future.

In this destination project, they have welcomed approximately 2,500 visitors during construction including Womenstec, multiple Belfast mayors, Belfast fire brigade, local university students, business in the community, and achieved an impressive 47/50 Considerate Constructors Scheme score. This is not merely a project; it's a cultural renaissance, an investment in skills, and an opportunity for the community to proudly welcome visitors into the heart of its revitalised history. 

Revel in the fusion of tradition and modernity as Templemore Baths reopens its doors, now featuring a new state-of-the-art 25m competition pool, a dynamic gym, inviting café, and interactive exhibition spaces. This isn't just a restoration; it's a celebration of heritage, a commitment to skill-building, and an invitation to witness the convergence of history and innovation.

Join them in embracing Templemore Baths— witness the present transformation, and anticipate the promising future that Templemore Baths holds for generations to come.

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