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Saving the Planet….. a UK wide resource revolution - and what’s your role?, Cardiff

Event organised by ICE

15 January 2020

This event has now ended


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After David Attenborough’s Planet Earth the realisation of human impact on our environment has never been so great, and calls for action have never been so numerous. The backlash against plastic (and its global export and leakage into the rivers and oceans) needs closer reflection, as does the clamour from some quarters for deposit return schemes which have worked across the world.

Dr Read will take a closer look at plans in both the EC and UK for a radical reform of waste & resource policy and reflect on where some of the proposals are heading, the possible weaknesses in the proposals, and the role that producers, local government, waste management companies, and the general public will have to play in delivering this resource revolution…… what do we need to know about extended producer responsibility, consistent collections and taxes for low recycled content in packaging?

We will also consider recent innovations, collaborations and changing business models and whether these disruptors can help with the delivering the much-needed resource revolution. Adam will finish off by looking at the UK in 2030 and beyond, the need for a resource sector deal which cements the role of the resources sector as a facilitator for green growth in other sectors – manufacturing, aviation, chemicals and agriculture, and open up a debate about the future role of engineers, scientists and wider academia in supporting a new resources paradigm.

This event is co-hosted by CIWM and CIWEM.

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Felicity White