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Seismic hazard and design - the revised ONR guidelines

Event organised by Society for Earthquake and Civil Engineering Dynamics

30 January 2019

This event has now ended

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The impetus that has been injected into the UKs new build nuclear programme has brought about a renewed focus on seismic hazard and design. The diversity of potential new build investors to the UK scene has also brought with it a truly international audience keen to know how regulation in this area will be undertaken and what Relevant Good Practice in this area is seen by the UK regulator to be. These and other factors highlighted the need for the Office of Nuclear Regulation (ONR) to review and substantially revise its existing Technical Assessment Guide (TAG) 13 for External Hazards as a whole, and of particular relevance here, the guidance to its inspectors pertaining to seismic hazards.

In undertaking this revision, the document structure of the new TAG 13 guidance has been changed to reflect the dominating external hazards, with technical annexes providing guidance to inspectors on seismic hazards, coastal flooding hazards and meteorological hazards. These are now each supported by reference panel papers authored by ONRs Expert Panel on Natural Hazards. Of relevance to this presentation are the TAG13 Annex 1 document and its supporting Reference Panel paper available through the following link.

TAG13 Annex 1 document

The intent of this presentation is to provide an overview of the Annex 1 document highlighting the key areas that have benefitted from greater detail and clarity. The presentation will focus mainly on seismic hazard and the definition of an appropriate seismic design basis; however, it will also touch on other related areas such as capable faulting and aspects of seismic design. The presentation will conclude by highlighting areas of future development where the guidance is expected to improve in future revisions.

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Shelly-Ann Russell