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Single Lift Topside Decommissioning: An alternative approach, London

Event organised by Offshore Engineering Society

05 February 2020

This event has now ended

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The aim of this study was to generate at least one practical alternative to the use of conventional heavy lift vessels for the removal of offshore platform topsides. Atkins followed its in-house procedure for “appraise and select” concept engineering. This process is formed of three main phases; Divergence, Emergence & Convergence. Once identified, the chosen concept was taken through a formal concept design process.

This was a joint study between Atkins, Shell and ALE Heavy Lift. Engineering was focussed on the perceived higher risk phases of the operation, namely, the stability of the jacking system during the lift and float-off. The presentation will step through the process that Atkins, Shell and ALE Heavy Lift followed. It will detail the concept operation and the engineering analysis performed in assessing its feasibility.

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Elira Alushi