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Solcer House - Energy positive, low carbon low cost

Event organised by ICE

22 March 2018

This event has now ended

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Ester Coma Bassas will be talking about how the The Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University, has designed and built Wales' first low cost 'energy positive' house. The Solcer House is capable of exporting more energy to the national electricity grid than it uses, in an attempt to meet tough new targets for zero carbon housing. The UK Government – like governments across the world – has set a target for zero carbon housing. This means that if we are to have an impact as a research community, we have to rise to that challenge and develop innovative new ways to build houses of the future.

The Solcer House's unique systems approach to design combines, for the first time, renewable energy supply, thermal and electrical energy storage and reduced energy demand, to create an energy positive house at an affordable cost. The Solcer House is located at the Cenin site in Stormy Down, and has been designed to meet social housing standards. The house was constructed in 16 weeks using local supply chains.

The Solcer House was built as part of the Low Carbon Research Institute (LCRI) programme, set up to unite and promote energy research in Wales and to help deliver a low carbon future by uniting the diverse range of low carbon energy research across Welsh universities at Cardiff, Swansea, South Wales, Glyndwr, Bangor and Aberystwyth, working closely with industry and government.

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