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Small steps forward in sustainable sprayed concrete tunnels

Event organised by The British Tunnelling Society

20 January 2022

This event has now ended

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Taking steps forward towards developing a more holistic approach for the creation of sustainable sprayed concrete tunnels

Something interesting happened during this Covid Pandemic, it seemed the world became far more caring and conscious of our existence and roles, and perhaps through coincidence or consequence, our UK tunnelling industry has an increasing focus towards new, caring approaches to meeting the climate goal ambition set out in the Paris Accord and the recent impetus at COP26 in Glasgow. But given all the positive talk, what are we doing about reaching our lower carbon tunnelling objectives . . . are we walking the talk?

The lecture presents some small steps forwards in developing sustainable sprayed concrete tunnels, not just purely focused on the concrete material technology that is often the only item under scrutiny, but a more holistic view covering concept design, spraying equipment and smart digital tools. The lecture also highlights the needed behaviours to support the adoption of more low carbon solutions, where in the speaker’s view, the active involvement with all stakeholders to drive change is a pre-requisite, but certainly with strong direction and leadership from client teams who inevitably benefit in the long run.

The lecture will illustrate by example how we currently compare to another “advanced” tunnelling nation such as Norway who have stepped ahead in this more sustainable tunnelling quest.

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