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Structural fire resilience: how we're getting it wrong, and why

Event organised by ICE

24 October 2018

This event has now ended

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Join this free-to-attend evening event, part of the Global Engineering Congress.

Despite the apparent success of the engineering community at mitigating structural collapses in fires, the fire ‘resilience' of designs is rarely considered. Instead, the focus tends to be on direct life safety.

Improper, unthinking, or incompetent application of ‘fire resistance’ testing and ratings represents a serious threat to the fire resilience of the built environment.

In this lecture, Professor Luke Bisby will present examples, showing how current structural fire engineering practice fails to necessarily deliver resilient buildings.

The talk will conclude by highlighting opportunities to address these shortcomings in the future.

The lecture will be followed by a Q&A session. Delegates will also have the opportunity to network and continue the discussions in the ICE Café Bar.

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