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Subsea cable stability on rocky seabeds

Event organised by Offshore Engineering Society

06 September 2023

This event has now ended

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Offshore wind and marine energy projects are increasingly located in areas where the seabed is predominantly rock. This causes issues with cable burial activities as it is often either not possible or very expensive in these locations.

This talk will present an overview of the research and technical advances that have gone into the creation of a new British Standard to assess the stability of cables and umbilicals on rocky seabeds.

The methodology allows a significant reduction in stability requirements from more traditional methods and can result in large cost savings as well as environmental benefits from a reduction in secondary stabilisation activities such as rock dumping. This will be demonstrated by the presentation of a case study where the methodology was successfully applied on an offshore wind farm.

Organised by

The Offshore Engineering Society

The Offshore Engineering Society

The OES acts to promote interest and scholarship in both the scientific and applied aspects of offshore engineering.


Chas Spradbery

Chas Spradbery

Peritus International Ltd

Operations Director

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Chas Spradbery

Chas has 25 years’ subsea engineering experience with extensive knowledge of the offshore energy industry. He has been involved in over 70 offshore projects, 40 of which relate to subsea cables. During his career Chas has managed teams that have delivered a number of technically challenging ‘World first’ projects. He holds a Ph.D in materials engineering and is a Fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineers.

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