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Sustainability benefits of double twisted wire mesh and geosynthetic solutions

Event organised by ICE

24 April 2024

This event has now ended


Join us for an insightful session delving into the realm of sustainable engineering design.

We'll explore the significance of sustainability, comparing it with traditional approaches. Get acquainted with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) as a pivotal tool for evaluating environmental impact in engineering projects. 

Through comparative studies, discover the efficacy of Double Twisted wire mesh (DT Mesh) and Geosynthetic (GSY) solutions in scenarios common to GCC projects. Engage with captivating case studies showcasing the implementation of DT Mesh & GSY solutions in renowned international endeavours like Dubai's 'Museum of the Future' and Doha's 'Expo House,' setting new standards for sustainability.

Organised by the ICE UAE Committee, this online event is addressed mostly to professionals and stakeholders in the engineering, construction, and infrastructure sectors, particularly those involved in projects within the GCC region. It may also be of interest to individuals and organizations focused on sustainability, environmental conservation, and innovation in engineering design and construction.


Jayakrishnan  P.V.

Jayakrishnan P.V.

Maccaferri Middle East

technical manager

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Jayakrishnan P.V.

Jayakrishnan P.V. specialises in the innovative use of geosynthetics and double-twisted wire mesh solutions in civil engineering projects.

During his 20-year career at Maccaferri, he worked in different capacities in different countries, developing a deep understanding of international project coordination and other technical activities.

As a sustainability expert, he quantifies the sustainability benefits of innovative construction materials in the field of geotechnical engineering through Comparative Life Cycle Assessment. His regional research has been published in many international forums.

Currently, he is responsible for Maccaferri's technical proposal activities for a broader region consisting of Middle East, Africa, Turkey and CIS countries.

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