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Sustainable geosynthetic solutions in working platform and reinforced soil applications

Event organised by ICE

10 October 2023

This event has now ended

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Sustainability is key to all our futures. 

This Yorkshire & Humber knowledge sharing webinar will discuss the following aspects and how geosynthetics can help and support our sustainability journey: 

  • Geosynthetics overview 
  • Working platforms using geosynthetics 
  • Reinforced soil applications using geosynthetics 
  • Design development of working platform and reinforced soil solutions 
  • Key risks 
  • Broad commercial costs 


Jörg Klompmaker

Jörg Klompmaker

Espelkamp Germany

Senior Product Manager

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Jörg Klompmaker

Jörg is a German qualified civil engineer specialized in designing geosynthetic solutions in road and railway engineering, as well as landfill and hydraulic engineering. Since 1996 Jörg has worked with the German geosynthetic manufacturer Lückenhaus Technical Textiles, where he was involved in the development of geosynthetic products in reinforced soil and asphalt reinforcement applications, mainly for the North American and South-East Asian market.

In the year 2000 Jörg was employed by the German geosynthetic consultancy BBG Bauberatung Geokunststoffe (daughter company of geosynthetic manufacturer NAUE) where he worked as senior technical consultant.

Since 2005 Jörg is the responsible product manager for NAUE’s Stabilisation and Reinforcement product range Secugrid® & Combigrid®. Jörg has either written or co-authored some 100 publications that have been presented at national and international conferences and seminars. Jörg is a member of several geotechnical and geosynthetic committees.