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ICE HKA & HKIBIM on “The technical aspect of common BIM Specifications of civil engineering projects in Hong Kong”

Event organised by ICE

14 June 2022

This event has now ended

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Since 2017, the Government of Hong Kong is firmly committed to the promotion and adoption of BIM technology in capital works projects with a view to enhancing the design, construction, project management, asset management and improving the overall productivity of the construction industry.

The recent DEVB Technical Circular dated 20th December 2021 enhanced the implementation requirements for BIM adoption in response to WDs’ feedback and strength of the BIM workflow, requirements for adoption of Common Data Environment (CDE), BIM data harmonization and information security of project data. The BIM specifications constitute a significant part of projects nowadays and a proper understanding of the BIM uses and its context is essential to all stakeholders running the project successfully.

It is our honour to invite Mr Kevin Wong (Chairman of HKIBIM), Mr Tsui Wai (Principal Project Coordinator of MWPMO, Highways Department), and Mr Ernest Chan (Resident Engineer/Civil of DSD Contract no. DE/2017/01) as the speakers of this webinar.

  • Mr Kevin Wong will highlight the most common BIM requirements in technical aspects.
  • Mr Tsui Wai will describe the various BIM uses adopted in the six current mega contracts under Central Kowloon Route, with contract costs ranging from $1.9 Billion to $5.5 Billion each. He will explain and illustrate how BIM enhances the execution of various complex construction activities of a hugely diverging nature, with respect to temporary works constructability, site utilisation, and logistic planning. These ultimately lead to better work quality, saving in time and cost, and most importantly safer working environment for site personnel as well as the public. He will also give a brief introduction of further developments relating to BIM being explored, such as digital works supervision, project-wide interface coordination, and asset management.
  • Mr Ernest Chan will describe with the audience the journey in utilizing BIM technology in $0.3 billion combined civil and E&M construction contract for the upgrading of existing sewage treatment works in use. The obstacles, catalysts and gains in pioneering BIM adoption midway in the contract without mandatory specifications for BIM application from the perspectives of the Project Manager’s delegate will also be shared.


Mr Kevin S.C. Wong

Mr Kevin S.C. Wong

chairman of HKIBIM (2021-2023)

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Mr Kevin S.C. Wong

Mr Kevin Wong had over 20 years of engineering design and BIM software platform implementation experience in large-scale construction projects in Hong Kong. He received a distinguished award as “BIMer of the Year 2020” by CIC for his outstanding contributions to the industry. Being a BIM enthusiast, Kevin possessed both an engineering design background and application of BIM Software using an integrated design approach from the early design stage downstream to fabrications and handover stages to clients in the project lifecycle. During his work as CIC Certified BIM Manager for his BIM Consultancy jobs and training courses in his own business, he showed his passion and ability in delivering high-quality content and results for all stakeholders involved in the BIM project.  To keep up a profession in BIM for infrastructures, Kevin obtained an ICE Certificate for BIM Level 2 as issued by the Institution of Civil Engineers and become a Certified NEC Professional in 2022.

As the Chairman of HKIBIM, Members of CIC BIMCAB Committee, Assessor of CCBM, and the Director of HKABEIMA and Event Manager of buildingSMART HK Chapter for openBIM, he continues to apply his professional knowledge and commitments to BIM for all practitioners in the construction field.  He was also appointed as a part-time BIM Lecturer for educational institutions including HKU SPACE, VTC, HKIC, and CUSCS.  

Mr Tsui Wai

Mr Tsui Wai

MWPMO, Highways Department

principal project coordinator

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Mr Tsui Wai

After acquiring his professional qualification, Mr Tsui Wai joined the Civil Engineering Department of the Government of Hong Kong in 1981. Since then, he worked in various positions, responsible mainly for the design and construction of major infrastructure projects, including marine structures, reclamation, new town development and highways. He also spent several years in the Works Bureau, in which policies of public works in Hong Kong were formulated and carried forward.

For 10 years before his retirement in 2014, he worked as the Assistant Director and then Deputy Director of the Drainage Services Department. He was responsible for, among other managerial activities, the development and implementation of capital work projects on drainage and flood control, sewerage systems, and sewage treatment plant.

In 2017, under the Government post-retirement service contract scheme, Mr Tsui joined the Development Bureau in formulating policies on drinking water safety. In 2019, he took up the current position of Principal Project Coordinator in the Highways Department, working on the Central Kowloon Route project. He headed a task force on driving the adoption of innovation initiatives, including BIM, in various complex construction tasks of this mega infrastructural project. He became a CIC Certified BIM Manager in April 2022.

Mr Ernest Chan

Mr Ernest Chan

resident engineer/civil, DSD contract no. DE/2017/01

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Mr Ernest Chan

Mr Ernest CHAN is a chartered civil engineer with over 20 years of experience in project and construction management of various local infrastructure projects. 

Ernest was among the first batch of local engineers to attain NEC ECC Accredited Project Manager status in 2015.   Devoting his project management technique, he has been serving the industry in the capacity of Project Manager's delegates in several government NEC pilot contracts, including the first government contracts in ECC3 Option C, the first WSD contract using ECC form and the first DSD combined civil and E&M contract using ECC form. 

In his recent project, he spearheaded his team for quality and efficiency improvement by adopting various Construction 2.0 initiatives, including trial use of prefabricated reinforcement, DfMA and openBIM technology.  He led his team in gaining recognition for the Merit Award in the Project Category of Hong Kong openBIM / open GIS Award 2022 organised by HKABEIMA and Building SMART HK.


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