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Technical challenges with future tunnels in Norway: Under the city of Oslo and deep fjords, London

Event organised by The British Tunnelling Society

16 January 2020

This event has now ended

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Norway has more than hard rock tunnelling. Under the city of Oslo you can find quick clay, black shale and a huge mix of different good and poor rock. In the middle of existing infrastructure, we still plan for a new metro line, new railway line and tunnels for water, sewage and power cables. MSc Anne Kathrine Kalager will present the challenges, experiences and possible solutions for urban tunnelling in Oslo.

In the more rural part of the country, we open the world longest and deepest subsea road tunnel the 30 of December 2019. And we plan for an even longer and deeper tunnel on the western coast of Norway. Professor Eivind Grøv will present the challenges, possible solutions and the latest research regarding subsea tunnels and other larger infrastructure projects along the coast.

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Shelly-Ann Russell