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The Big Debate 2020: Net-Zero Carbon

Event organised by ICE

13 July 2020

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Event recording

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Debate: Are consultants or contractors leading carbon reduction in our sector?

Organised by the ICE London Graduate and Students Committee, the Big Debate returns this year to consider whether consultants or contractors are leading on carbon reduction in the construction industry.

It is well documented that the construction industry is one of the world's greatest contributors of carbon emissions. The UN Global Status Report states, ‘Decarbonising the construction sector is critical to achieve the Paris Commitment and the United Nations (UN) Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs): responsible for almost 40% of energy and process-related emissions, taking climate action in buildings and construction is among the most cost effective.’

With temperatures rising and the frequency of extreme natural events increasing, everyone has a responsibility to society and the environment to take matters into our hands. But who is leading this charge in the construction sector, and what methods are being taken to innovate and drive change? This event will feature four industry representatives who will demonstrate what they are doing to help. The event will conclude with an audience vote.

The images is credited to Angela Benito (@angelareinosa)

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