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The future of transport, webinar

Event organised by ICE

26 October 2017

This event has now ended

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Martin Lamb, Director of Maple Consulting Limited will give a presentation focussing on some of the challenges faced by infrastructure owners and operators in the UK and beyond, and some of the technologies being developed to address them. The Forever Open Road programme, has been initiated by the Forum of European Highway Research Laboratories (FEHRL) to undertake research and development on new highway concepts.

The Forever Open Road Programme works towards a next generation of advanced and affordable roads that can be adopted both for maintaining the existing network and building new roads. This will enable future road operators to adopt emerging innovations, whilst overcoming the increasing constraints on capacity, sustainability, reliability and integration. Forever Open Road will also contribute substantially to the way the road transport sector addresses societal challenges.

The next generation of roads will require high levels of adaptation, automation and resilience. These three elements will define the next generation of road as follows:

  • The Adaptable Road: focusing on ways to allow road operators to respond in a flexible manner to changes in road users demands and constraints;
  • The Automated Road focusing on the full integration of intelligent communication technology applications between the user, the vehicle, traffic management services and the road operations;
  • The Resilient Road: focusing on ensuring service levels are maintained under extreme weather conditions.

Martin will discuss how FOR is being implemented in various countries and will look at some other new developments in transport and being and how they could impact on transport and mobility in the future.

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